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What Is Brand Strategy? And Why It’s Important.

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The goal of brand strategy is to align the following three areas:

  • The essence of who your business is
  • The business goals
  • Your customer’s needs

Aligning them in a way that helps your business understand, prioritize, and focus on a clear vision and plan to help you achieve your goals.

It allows you to have confidence in knowing that you are moving your business in the right direction while serving your people the best you can.

Now, you’re probably wondering why it’s important or why you should care. And to that, I have one question for you. Why are you in business? To generate a profit or to service your customers? Both are valid reasons. We are in business to make money and serve our clients/customers, naturally.

But a great business that succeeds long term goes beyond the surface, beyond making money and serving people is rooted in a solid understanding of why they are in business, their internal values, who they serve, why they serve them, and all of that is communicated in a cohesive manner into the world via their marketing efforts like a highly targeted website, social media, etc.

If you’re struggling with any of those, your brand may be misaligned. The focus then becomes on figuring out where your brand is misaligned and possibly being perceived in a way that is not favorable to you. For those reasons, we focus on brand strategy first. Our brand strategy is an in-depth 3–4-hour session. It works by diving deep and begging to under your brand, goals, and your audience.

Our Brand Strategy Sessions Focus on:

  1. Internal branding
    • Getting clarity on your purpose, mission, vision, and goals through activities, exercises, and questions
  2. Position and competition
    • Your current position in the market and future positioning. Research your competition. Guided Exercises, activities, and questions
  3. Target audience and research
    • Questions, activities, and exercises to identify your target audience and target audience research.
  4. Brand personality
    • Messaging, voice, values, culture, attributes, look, and feel.
  5. Brand identity
    • Summing it all up to be used visual context. Positioning, messaging, target audience, creative direction, color palette, photo styling, tone of voice, etc.
  6. Web design
    • Custom site design in Showit, Kajabi, or WordPress.

Core Brand Elements We Focus on Are:

  1. The Vibe
    • How do you want customers to feel? Do you want to evoke a feeling of luxury, casual, high-end, romantic, etc.? We use certain tools like style scapes & color pallets to help with this.
  2. Message
    • How you communicate with your ideal client. What are you saying to them? What are the words you are using? Are you casual, professional, straight to the point, tough love, etc.? What are the words you are using to connect with them? Do your ideal clients feel like you’re talking directly to them? Is your message the same across all platforms?
  3. Visuals
    • Consistently showing up the same. That includes your colors, typography, graphics, designs, patterns, primary logo, secondary logos, sub marks, etc. Consistency here builds recognition and trust. Use these elements to tell a story that your audience connects with.

Branding Helps with: (top 6 values of Branding)

  1. Creating a backbone for your business
    • It’s not what you say it is, but what they say it is. In other words, how you are perceived by your audience based on how you show up online. So, build a brand that stands out to your ideal customers/clients
  2. Improving recognition
    • When you’re showing up the same visually, and your message is the same across all platforms, you are improving your recognition. Your audience starts to recognize your brand easier and faster.
  3. Creating trust
    • When someone sees you showing up consistently across all platforms like email, YouTube, podcast, and ads, they start to become part of your audience and community which creates trust. You’re creating that trust the more consistent you are with your branding.
  4. Creating loyal customers
    • Once you start to build that recognition, trust, and community people stick around. They believe in your services and products because you live your values, they are more likely to refer you to others.
  5. Building financial value and legitimacy
    • Increased perceived value based on a well visually structured brand. Your branding makes you look professional, your messaging speaks to your ideal client – it connects with people, your process is perfect, you’ve created that recognition across all platform’s people will pay top dollar for that because you’re creating that trust and recognition of what you stand for. It builds confidence and legitimacy
  6. Generates new revenue
    • When your brand is cohesive and speaks to your ideal clients, they are more likely to vibe with your business and choose you.

If you are interested in working with us and want to know our step-by-step process, schedule a 30-minute discovery call.